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Final presentation



user testing – results

After a full week of school projects and user testing we have so many ideas to choose from.

1. Testing the application on our parents made us design some buttons to go back to a previous page or to the main page.

2. Testing the application on 3rd grade children made us realize we need some games or challenges to make the waiting period interesting.

Here are  some pictures from testing phase. They involve hi-tech chocolate (chocolate mobile phones for testers).

User testing plan

Our masterpiece is complete! Now we a have a prototype  and we are interested in what potential users think about our work. We should change something? Will the UI be intuitive enugh to be used by persons having no (or limited) computer experience?

In order to get answers to all these questions we have a test plan. UI testing involves testing how the application and the user interact. This includes how the application handles keyboard input and how it displays screen text, images, buttons, menus, dialog boxes, icons, toolbars and more boring .

Also we will test UX with help from persons having no or few computer experience. We will test on our family and on 3rd grade children. The “I” from AI2 team will test the application on family and Andreea and Alecs will work with children to see how easy is to recognize UI parts (buttons, images, text).

After we will be convinced that the UI is good, we will find our real personas and complete the tests with use cases.