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Final presentation



Business factor

As we developed the application, we had in mind the business factor too. We think it would be nice to promote the sponsors through the application in fun facts or little quizzes.

For example, if our guest star is from Mozilla Corporation and we will have stickers and other cool stuff, beside the common badges we can have quizzes to win promotional materials. Some of the common badges are shown below.

We introduced these badges for making the application a little bit fun and challenging and we also discovered in the testing phase that these achievements are great conversation starters too.

user testing – results

After a full week of school projects and user testing we have so many ideas to choose from.

1. Testing the application on our parents made us design some buttons to go back to a previous page or to the main page.

2. Testing the application on 3rd grade children made us realize we need some games or challenges to make the waiting period interesting.

Here are  some pictures from testing phase. They involve hi-tech chocolate (chocolate mobile phones for testers).

Final 3 ideas

Our final 3 ideas are:

1. Frenemies – Social Web application for avoiding/meeting peoples at a certain event

2. QRPlaces – Augumented Reality project combined with social networks – The user will get his current location through GPS and can search for a specific place or by categories (Hotels, Shops etc.)

3. Social Speed – Social Web application for suggesting talking subjects for two persons that don’t know each other.

We have mentioned before 2 of the 3 ideas so we will post here the sketches for CRPlaces project. We will come back with some user-friendly new sketches but until then we will have some exams @Faculty of Computer Science.


Social Speed – final idea for HCI project

Because we want a larger range of users, our Frenemies app will remain one of the 3 ideas that we will sketch for the first evaluation of the HCI project. We will implement the new baby-project: Social Speed.

Social Speed’s purpose is to facilitate social interaction between persons that don’t know each other. Let’s imagine a place with 20 people willing to socialize with others. They can set up their gender interests and, based on the social networks accounts, users are connected with someone and they can have a quick social conversation based on a subject suggested by the app. When the talking time elapses, they are asked if they enjoyed the company. By shaking the phone up-down they can answer Yes and by shaking the phone left-right they can answer No. They can continue with another social round an meanwhile can contact the discussion partner via social networks.

Here are some preliminary sketches:

All the team sketches can also be found in our Picasa Album.

We will come back with some user-friendly sketches but we showed the first drawings as well because we want to share every progress.

We are officialy changing our description from  “4 Computer Science students working on solving some chalenges in web page manipulation and online media control through tablet multigestures.” into”‘4 Computer Science students working on solving some chalenges in Web app interactions via smartphones and tablets.”  And also from “Using tablet’s multigesture feature @ Mozilla Student Outreach 2011” into “Using smartphones to interact with Web apps @ Mozilla Student Outreach 2011”

Frenemies – first Web app idea

Trying to sketch an idea for HCI project, we  share our first application scenario. The application name is “Frenemies” and it is about friends and enemies. Application’s user can connect to a Bluetooth device/network and can see all the persons in the room connected to the  same device/network. Based on social networks accounts of the user, he can view details about the persons in the room so he will know who to avoid (if that person is annoying) or to get to know.

This application can be useful at a wedding or a conference where the user doesn’t know many people so he can interact with the application and see discussion topics in common with people who attended the eventt.

We want to discuss the idea with Stefan Negru today in HCI class to receive his feedback.

Here are some preliminary sketches:

Frenemies sketch 1

Frenemies sketch 2

Later edit: After a student-teacher brainstorming we have several additions to original Frenemies app. We think it will be fun to connect all the Bluetooth devices and to display all the people using that application as a graph or something. It will be nice to interact with the application through the smartphone and  make  decisions (avoid, get in touch with a person) by using multi-gestures.

Two favorite projects and one winner

mStore is the first HCI project that caught [Ai]2 team’s attention. The second one is SoWi. We have nice ideas for both but we will choose with the heart  and we think we will have more fun with SoWi project.

We will come back with the despritions of our ideas based on the SoWi project and Mozilla guidelines. We should consider one or all of the topics:

  • Mobile: Users First! How do we live our online lives and manage social interactions – anywhere we go? Which different user types (personas) can we identify?
  • Tablet: If we use multi-touch screen, what would be the meaningful interactions?
  • Web Apps: What would be the value points we can add to end users, in what formats?