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Final presentation



user testing – results

After a full week of school projects and user testing we have so many ideas to choose from.

1. Testing the application on our parents made us design some buttons to go back to a previous page or to the main page.

2. Testing the application on 3rd grade children made us realize we need some games or challenges to make the waiting period interesting.

Here are  some pictures from testing phase. They involve hi-tech chocolate (chocolate mobile phones for testers).

Software development QOC

When we started to think about how our application should be, we encountered a couple of decision points where we had to choose one way or another.

Now we are going to exemplify 3 situations when we made a decision and why we did choose that option.

First case:  why did we choose to offer the possibility of login into the application through social networks?

The most plain way that an user can login into an application is to offer a login form through wich the user can create his own profile based. The informations from the profile will be the base  on wich the matching will be made. By using the social networks, because of the big number of members,  we  make the interaction with our application much more easier but much more fulfilling thanks to  the features  given by the social networks.

Because „Social speed”  is an application based on social interaction, the user has to communicate with as many people as possible. Through social networks like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter the interaction with other people is much more easier. Another big reason why we decided to offer this possibility is because we don’t want  to obligate the user to make an account on our application.  This is a good way to interact with the application witout being forced to make an account. Beside this, by using the social networks, the user’s interests are extracted from his account. To use our application, the user just has to login for example on Facebook and that’s just it.

The second case: Why did we choose to incorporate the “shake it to wake it”?

In our opinion, one of the most important things that draws people to use an application or another is the fun part.  We could have gone the safe way in wich a user just had 2 options: yes/no, but we thought that is just to easy and boring. Plus, the human interaction made though multiple ways ensures that the application is suitable for many types of users. We have a combination between clasical interaction methods ( simple butoon clicks) and the “shake it” part. The last one is mostly for the people who are in trend with the latest in technology.

The last case:  Why did we chose to make the user to login in a way ore another into our application?

We could have chosen to leave the application a free one, without any registration. That was one possibility. In that case we would have encountered a couple of difficulties. First of all, if the user didn’t have the possibility of having an account ( once made, the account persists) then each time a person wants to use our application he would have to complete a form with personal information. This could be very annoying. Second of all, without any account, the security for this information would be practically imposible of assuring. Another important thing is the social part. Beeing  a social application it is important for the user to know with whom he can interact. All of this reasons have determined us to have the account part in our application.