Design Methodology

The key to Design Methodology is finding the best solution for each design situation:

The main flow of the proposal consists of two parts:

The SocialSpeed Panel – where each connected player is displayed  to the public. The round starts and the matching process can begin. For this, the power users can connect to a desktop application and manage the players (a center stage is applied/representing to self). When dealing with representation avatars are used for user recognition. When matching occurs – new relationships are drawn. The timer for each round gives the player the feeling of being in a competition. Also the players are introduced to the solution through a welcome area.

The SocialSpeed Mobile – used as a tool of interaction between users when the game starts. The welcome area introduces the player to the game. The software as a human approach sets a calm tone and keeps the user in place. There is no time to   waste –  the users are on a fast-paced move.  The user  can be easily  identified by others and viceversa (avatars + identity cards) . All is represented as a social interaction game (Be a game) where face-to-face meetings are encouraged.


Used technologies

As open-source supporters, we developed our solution using  XHTML, CSS, JAVA, Processing, Javascript, under Creative Commons Licence. For the Desktop part we used Processing to generate the Panel. For the mobile web design we used XHTML and CSS (where the core functionalities were supported with the help of JAVA servlets and javascript). Moreover Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn integration is offered for social improvement through their dedicated libraries and dev communities.


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