We named our team Ai2 (Ai squared) because we think it is a nice mixture and it can be interpreted in many ways. Basicly the name came from our own identities. Alecsandru, Ioana, Andreea and again Ioana. so 2xA and 2xI = [Ai]2.

The combination of square brackets is used to emphasize the team name – in Japanese this technique is called “sumitsuki”. We used a variation of the color magenta in order to express imagination and innovation. The number two is used as power (math) to strenghen the team work spirit.


The project name has two parts. The  first  reveals the social interaction between individuals, and the second marks the need for time to achieve that interaction – therefore our solution brings  a fast and efficient touch towards execution. To accentuate  the social part, a bold and fun iconic display is used  (two  silhouettes chasing each other from left to right). For the fast part, a trail of social web network icons are drawned behind the players (it also ads a plus to the social part) and the SocialSpeed text is used with the italic form to blend with the player movement and iconic trail. The predominant color is cyan blue to give a more formal tone and embrace the ideea of global partnership.

The final branding is consistent through the entire solution process. The colors (magenta and cyan) are easily recognisable and the logos are present to put the user in the center stage of the project look-and-feel. The user is never lost or confused.

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