Frenemies – first Web app idea

Trying to sketch an idea for HCI project, we  share our first application scenario. The application name is “Frenemies” and it is about friends and enemies. Application’s user can connect to a Bluetooth device/network and can see all the persons in the room connected to the  same device/network. Based on social networks accounts of the user, he can view details about the persons in the room so he will know who to avoid (if that person is annoying) or to get to know.

This application can be useful at a wedding or a conference where the user doesn’t know many people so he can interact with the application and see discussion topics in common with people who attended the eventt.

We want to discuss the idea with Stefan Negru today in HCI class to receive his feedback.

Here are some preliminary sketches:

Frenemies sketch 1

Frenemies sketch 2

Later edit: After a student-teacher brainstorming we have several additions to original Frenemies app. We think it will be fun to connect all the Bluetooth devices and to display all the people using that application as a graph or something. It will be nice to interact with the application through the smartphone and  make  decisions (avoid, get in touch with a person) by using multi-gestures.

  1. April 12th, 2011

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