First 3 ideas based on the topics proposed by Mozilla

3 ideas and one thought actualy:

1. Social networks app or RATP app  – first idea

This idea and the RATP related thought are based on the first mobile Mozilla topic for HCI projects :

Users First! – When, where and how do people use mobile devices today? Or rather: how do we live our online lives and manage social interactions – anywhere we go? Which different user types (personas) can we identify? What are use cases that represent their pain-points, unmet needs, wish lists and alternative/substitute choices?

We imagine a Web application for social networks that will help the user in the local public transport network (RATP). First of all, the user will need this application to know how many minutes he will have to wait until the next bus will come. Meanwhile, he will be able to play some social games interacting with other users in that station. How? Each smartphone/tablet owner with the Web app will be able to control his character through bluetooth. And the “console” will be the interactive  huge poster-size from the station.

Also, the user gives his GPS location and can know if some friends from  social networks are near him in other bus station so he can take a taxi and share it with them if he is late and can’t wait  the next bus.

2. The thought: Rounded windows UI

Based on the second Mozilla chalange for mobile :

The Future – Today – How would people like to use mobile in the future? What future scenarios can we envision? How are paradigms and user scenarios going to shift? Considering the user context (bus stop, cinemas, family reunion, etc) and nature for mobile, it is portable, people can just plug it into any devices, displays, etc. What future mobile scenarios we can thinking of that is valuable and meaningful to users? Which new mobile scenarios can we discover?

The thought was to rethink the windows as rounded shapes. This idea is a return to origins to the first display – a rounded one. This idea was mentioned in the HCI course.

3. Tablet gestures – second idea

For the Tablet guiding thoughts from Mozilla, based on

For two purposes: web page manipulation(e.g. navigation, activation, history, bookmark…etc.) and online media control, what would be a fun and meaningful way to interact without a keyboard and a mouse?

we thought about meaningful gestures for bookmarks, minimizing applications, mobing between  different  browser tabs and  adding new tabs.

4. Facebook photos – tags mobile contacts

Topic 5: Do It For Me

<In collaboration with: Browser-mediated services – Mozilla Labs>

With the browser being the central broker of our online interactions we have the unique opportunity to simplify the users’ life by automating interactions. Under the umbrella of “Do it for Me” we explore interactions which delight the user and find the balance between automation and direct user control.

What web activity people do that they would like to make it more easier for them? What use cases we can identify that address their needs or pain points?

Based on this guiding thoughts, we imagined an application that will tag Facebook photos for example automatically based on personal phonebook. The app will look through tablet’s synchronized contacts and if it does not found the person, it will look for it inthe connected(bluetooth or something else) smartphone’s phonebook.

Later edit (22.03.2011): We abandoned this ideas and thoughs for some realistic ones based on the new HCI project proposals that fallow Mozilla guidelines.

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